The mission of South Whittier School District is to prepare every student for success in high school and beyond by focusing on the core academic subjects in an effective and integrated curriculum.

We believe:

All students can learn.

Students learn best when they are engaged in challenging and appropriate learning focused on the core academic subjects of language arts, mathematics, science and social studies integrated with physical education and the fine arts.

Quality teachers are the single greatest predictor of student success.

The diversity and uniqueness of each student should be respected.

Students learn best when families value education, and teach their children to accept increasing responsibility for their own learning.

Quality education improves the quality of life for students, their families, and the community now and in the future.

Greetings!  Can you believe it’s already time to start another school year?  Granted, for some, it can be sad to say goodbye to vacation schedules, sleeping in and relishing a more relaxed lifestyle.  For others, however, the opposite is true.  As I was standing on Lake Marie’s front steps, greeting students and parents on the first day of school, I was flooded with smiles, greetings, and hugs and began to grow increasingly excited about starting another year.  One young man flung his arms around me and when I asked if he had a good summer, he replied, “I was so bored and I’m SOOO glad to come back to school!” Naturally, this was music to my ears—and evidence of the fact that Lake Marie’s students simply love being here.
As we enter the 2014/15 school year it feels great to reflect on the progress we made over the past few years.  Simply put, Lake Marie continues to be a great place for students to learn and the community to gather in a welcoming, academically rigorous, arts-focused environment because of efforts of a very committed team of professional educators and staff.  In its third year as an Arts for All School, Lake Marie continues to move forward in giving its students access to learning in visual and performing arts, from the experiential study of a series of master artists to school-wide field trips to various performing arts venues, such as the Ruth B. Shannon Theater, Rio Hondo Symphony and various museums in the Southern California area.  This year brings an even more exciting prospect of having a resident artist work with our upper grade students in a project based learning experience focused on outdoor muralism (we anticipate the installation of the mural in the late spring).
Instructionally, Lake Marie continues in its school-wide focus on Direct Interactive Instruction, Thinking Maps and creativity in the classroom—evidenced by the continued increase in our percentages of students performing at advanced and proficient levels on the CSTs.  This year, all Lake Marie K-3 teachers will join the district initiative to exclusively teach the rigorous new Common Core State Standards, to be followed by the upper grade teachers in the next school year.  We believe the new standards will help our students think differently as 21st century learners, allowing them to develop a more competitive edge in critical thinking, creativity, and navigating complex information systems in the modern age.
Finally, Lake Marie continues to thrive under the partnership of several key community members and local agencies, such as Biola University, The Ruth B. Shannon Theater, Arts for All, Rio Hondo Symphony, Norman Carter (local McDonalds owner) and Michael Seril Fitness of Whittier.  We are grateful for the many hours (and dollars) spent in providing a well-balanced education to our kids. 
So, if you’ve never visited Lake Marie, please do so—I’d love to show you around.  I think you’ll find it refreshingly different--a place where the culture of the three Rs sets the tone for students daily: Relationships, Responsibility and Respect.  You’ll see why Lake Marie’s students actually enjoy coming to school each day!
Wishing you a prosperous, successful, and exciting academic year,
Lisa Palomino
Principal, Lake Marie Elementary

Color Run Fun!

We had such an amazing turnout for the Color Run and the lunch with a loved one! A huge thank you for all those who came and supported Lake Marie! Click here to see a video and revisit the fun day! :)

Employee of the Month

Congratulations Lucy Frias for being nominated “Certificated employee of the month!”
Your stellar instruction and embedding ELD standards during all subject areas is phenomenal! :)
We also want to congratulate Patricia Garcia for being nominated “Classified employee of the month!” Your dedication towards our school is noticed. 

New items this year!

School-wide PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports)
Monthly character traits
Accelerated Reader

Lake Marie Welcomes New 3rd grade teacher & 5th grade teacher & happy to announce class size reduction!

This year Lake Marie School is excited to welcome two new teachers, Ms. Gardner teaching fifth grade and Ms. Thompson teaching third grade. They are both dedicated teachers who strive for academic excellence and have high expectations while having compassion in teaching their students.

We are also thrilled with class size reduction school wide! This helps all students to receive differentiated instruction more one-on-one attention from the teachers, and a challenging classroom environment. All classrooms are focusing on Common Core instructional strategies according to the California States Standards. Our goal is for our students to be competitive, problem solvers, value hard work, and completing tasks. Daily they are emphasis technology, which is integrated into all core subject areas. In the classroom, student are collaborating with their peers and challenged to justify their rational. We are preparing our students for college, the workforce, and beyond.

Olweus Bully Prevention Program

We are continuing the implementation of our OLWEUS program.
At Lake Marie we value all students, parents, and school staff as well as strive to build relationships, respect and take responsibility for our actions. Our goal is to have everyone feel welcomed, included and productive members of Lake Marie School. Weekly during morning announcement and at assemblies the entire school recites our 4 "anti-bullying" rules:
We will not bully others.
We will try and help students who are bullied.
We will try to include students who are left out.
If we know someone is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and at home.

Learn More About the Common Core State Standards

This year, all K-6 teachers throughout the district will be implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in an effort to challenge our students and foster the development of critical thinkers, creative problem solvers and competitive 21st century learners. The teachers have undergone extensive training and we believe our students will benefit greatly from the deeper levels of thinking. This year our academic focus is educate our students utilizing the Common Core State Standards and to prepare them for the 21st Century. Please feel free to visit Mrs. Palomino in the front office if you have any questions about the Common Core State Standards.


For $20 your child can have a colorful remembrance of his/her school year at Lake Marie. Supplies are limited, so visit the school office today to get yours.

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