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Thinking Maps for Learning!

Thinking Maps:
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The official website for Thinking Maps, Inc. This site will give examples and explain the thinking behind the maps!

Thinking Maps® are eight visual-verbal learning tools, each based on a fundamental thinking process and used together as a set of tools for showing relationships. Thinking Maps® give you and your teachers a common language for meaningful learning. The consistency and flexibility of each of the Thinking Maps® promotes:

· ✷student-centered and cooperative learning

· ✷concept development, reflective thinking

· ✷creativity

· ✷clarity of communication

· ✷continuous cognitive development

You will construct knowledge, much like carpenters working together using a common set of tools to build a new structure. Thinking Maps®can help you become independent, reflective, life-long problem-solvers and learners. On the next pages, the eight Thinking Maps® are shown with the description of the thinking process involved, and examples of when each would be used.